Monday, December 7, 2009

Parks in Capitals

When we accepted the suggestion of friends to travel to London in November to take in some theatre, I thought of adding a photographic assignment to the journey. We planned a one-week stay in London for which we rented a flat on New Globe Way with this view of St-Paul's Cathedral.

We decided to spend an extra week in Europe and visit Berlin for the first time and end up in Paris for Paris Photo.

For my "photographic assignment" I thought that I should concentrate on landscape and take only a film camera, the new Bessa III 667 by Voigtlander. Actually, I also packed the Holga for the fun of it, and the iPhone for the inevitable snapshots. My goal was to get photos of some urban parks in each of the cities visited and to juxtapose them with photos taken, also in November, in Ottawa. A visual comparison of sort of urban parks in four capitals cities, in the same month of November.

I will be posting some of the photos here over the next few days and weeks and hope to have a complete series ready for my website early in the new year.

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