Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daniela Edburg - "Drop Dead Gorgeous"

© Daniela Edburg "Death by Oreo"

I first saw some of Daniela Edburg's work at Paris Photo last year and was impressed by her photographs. Daniela Edburg was born in Houston. She now works and lives in Mexico City. Her series "Drop Dead Gorgeous" could also have been called "Death by Food".

Read her interview by Nicole Pasulka of The Morning News (Black and White ans Read All Over).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kiwi Sculpture Garden Project

For the seventh year, Kiwi Gardens of Perth Ontario, in collaboration with the Edward Day Gallery of Toronto is holding its Kiwi Sculpture Garden Project. The 2008 Sculpture Project runs from June 22 to August.

The exhibition is worth a visit if you are in the Ottawa region. Kiwi Gardens is located a few kilometers past Perth, on Harper Road. Here are a few of the sculptures displayed.

"Bird Hotel" by Christian Bernard Singer

"Cloche" by Penelope Stewart

"Untitled" by Anne O'Callaghan

"Adirondak Chair" by Mark Thompson

All photos Copyright ©2008 Daniel Marchand

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Proud to be Canadian...

We left early on Tuesday morning (July 1st) to get to Parliament Hill before the Canada Day invasion. We noticed that new Canadians who were almost a majority, were very proud to display their love for Canada.

I was lucky enough to get some shots of the empty space, including this one...

©2008 Copyright Daniel Marchand

...and this one of a new Canadian who had travelled from Toronto to attend the celebrations. He was very carefully writing his message for the Prime Minister and the Governor General, hoping that his attire and his flag would catch their glance.

©2008 Copyright Daniel Marchand

In the evening, while waiting for the fireworks, I  got those of a family of recent immigrants who were among the most enthusiastic of participants, very proud to be Canadian and displaying it loudly.

©2008 Copyright Daniel Marchand

©2008 Copyright Daniel Marchand