Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Below Majors Hill Park

Both of these photos and were taken from the same vantage point, below Majors Hill Park in Ottawa, three months apart. An abandoned coat hangs from the same branch.

If I did not know that these were mine, I could have mistaken them for shots taken by Dalton Rooney. Dalton, a landscape photographer based in New York, has a series on Wyman Park in Baltimore which I like very much. Probably because we seem to see the same things in nature. Check out Dalton's blog "Third Nature" here.

©2010 Daniel Marchand

©2009 Daniel Marchand

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New website and Print Giveaway

New website

At the beginning of this year, I decided to redesign my website. I have made it simpler and easier to navigate. I have made the images larger and have introduced a new series on "Urban Parks". I have also combined the seasonal landscapes into a single group and removed the series on dead and frozen flowers. In doing so, I have tried to follow the good advice gleaned from blog entries of people whose judgment I value, such as Jörg Colberg (here and here).

New Series: "Urban Parks"

Whenever I travel to a new city, I always make a point to spend some time in some of its urban parks. The way parks are designed and how they are used always provide me with an insight to the community and its citizens. I am only beginning this "Urban Parks" series. The new website is presenting some of the images taken in London, Berlin, Paris and Ottawa recently. My intention is to continue this series, as I visit other world capitals and major cities.

Print Giveaway

I welcome meaningful and constructive comments on the website, its content and its design. I am particularly interested in getting some feedback on the "Urban Parks" series. As an incentive, I will send one 8X10 print of one of the images from the "Urban Parks" series to each of the first ten (10) people who send me their comments by e-mail, before January 31st, 2010. Please send the message to daniel(at)danielmarchandphoto(dot)com and use "New Website Comments" as a title. If you indicate which of the photos you prefer, and are among the first ten to send comments, I will send you that print. The photos will be printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper, on an Epson printer. And, yes, I will cover the shipping costs. Don't include your mailing address with the initial message if you don't want to; I will contact you if you are among the first ten. There is no catch. All I ask for is some constructive comments. I will take the bad with the good and will use the comments too improve my site.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Holga work

Some Holga shots from my November trip to Europe:

At Covent Garden in London

©2009 Daniel Marchand

Paris, Louvre

©2009 Daniel Marchand


©2009 Daniel Marchand

©2009 Daniel Marchand